Building Permit Information

Building Permits are handled by Councilman Kevin Phillips. You may reach him at (302) 858-3840.  To make the process of applying for a building permit easier, please read the following documents. 

How do I submit a building permit for a new home construction? Building Permit Process

Note: New home builds require a Sussex County Building Permit before applying for the Town of Bethel Building Permit and must come before Town Council for approval.  Application for new  home construction must be made at least 21 days prior to the next Town Council Meeting. Council meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month.

All other building permit applications must be processed within the Town of Bethel BEFORE application is made to Sussex County. Please provide all pertinent information to Councilman Kevin Phillips. He will prepare your permit documentation in the office.  You will receive notice when your permit is ready to be processed. Upon receipt of check, your building permit will be issued.

When do I need a building permit? ordinance-10-04-2016-building-permits

How much will my building permit cost? amendment-table-2-land-use-fee-structure

If you have any questions, please call the Town Office at (302) 877–8139.

For clarification on when a County permit is necessary, please click on the image below to view.